Training Progress – March to mid-April

A bit late for the March training update so we’ll make it cover the first half of April also. The past 6 weeks have been a bit frustrating from a cycling perspective. I had a vacation week in March but due to bad weather and travel I spent very little of it on the bike. I also felt very fatigued and had started to struggle to complete the high intensity portions of the planned workouts. So, I took some more rest days in the hope that things would sort themselves out. In general I’m finding that it is easier to hit the power targets when doing workouts earlier in the day rather than in the evening after work. Perhaps the increased stress of work is leaving nothing for ¬†cycling?

On a more positive note, the brighter evenings and improving weather certainly makes it easier to get some outside spins. With about 12 weeks to go to the Etape, I’ve started some long spins with a 152km spin with 1600 meters of climing around the Clare coastline yesterday. My aim is to complete 6 spins of this distance in the 12 weeks leading up the Etape. I consciously stayed in Z1/Z2 for the entire spin except for the climbing which was in Z4. Although feeling somewhat fatigued for the first few hours, I was completed the spin without too much difficulty and was pleased to still find some power in my legs over the last climb.

So, base plan is complete. Starting the build plan now.

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