First Spin of 2016

After the Christmas break and many many wet days. I got a welcome break from the Turbo and got out for a spin. It was mainly an easy spin to explore a new route incorporating Woodcock Hill. Into a headwind for the first 20km or so and then 5.5km up Woodcock Hill. The hill has a 5% average gradient but ramps of up to 10%-13% in places so it was a nice fitness tester. Got to the top without too much trouble and the legs felt fine even though I was out of the saddle for each ramp. I guess the winter training and strength exercises must be paying off! A chilly downhill descent and a tailwind home completed the 63km spin. Unfortunately the Garmin went to sleep while I was fixing a puncture 3km from home and I lost all of the data from the hill climb. Does it still count if I can’t post it on strava? 🙂

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